Together we can give a better life to the warriors who gave so much for us.

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Touch a life by donating $22 every month.
Touch a life by donating $22 every month.

Have a Wheelchair to Donate?

Thank you so much for supporting the mission of Wheelchairs for Warriors! If you would like to donate a physical wheelchair we MUST have the serial number first! If at all possible, PLEASE do not call… email is the best way for us to keep track of who needs what, where, when and how! We get a lot of phone calls daily and we just cannot move forward without a serial number! 


Here are some rule-of-thumb thoughts for you to consider:


Our main mission is to provide CUSTOM mobility options to veterans and first responders. However, sometimes a used chair will work for a warrior who is waiting in the wings. It is actually rare, but it does happen. This is where the serial number plays a huge part… Our complex seating rehab specialist will look up the serial number and let someone on our team know if it is something WFW can use and will email you ASAP with a decision one way or the other!


Batteries and shipping is expensive. If the batteries are dead and the chair is over 5 years old, WFW will not be able to accept it. 


If you do not require a donation form for your taxes, we work with a company who most likely will take your chair off of your hands, no matter the condition. Just make sure you email us the serial number! If you do require a donation form and we cannot accept your gift, you can try your local VFW, American Legion or DAV (Disabled American Veterans).


Again, thank you so much for your generous offer and remember… EMAIL that serial number!

Our mission is to stand in the gap between the underfunded provisions for veterans and first responders and help our warriors Roll Strong! 

Wheelchairs for Warriors provides custom-fit, complex-rehab mobility solutions to ensure wounded veterans and first responders can rejoin their lives at the highest level possible with INDEPENDENT mobility and function and to be able to...ROLL STRONG.



We have warriors waiting to get their custom-fit, complex-mobility wheelchairs. You or your organization can SPONSOR A WHEELCHAIR and help these warriors regain their independence and give them the ability to ROLL STRONG!

Everett Cole - USMC Vietnam Veteran

Michael Broughman - Air Force Master Sargeant

Gregory Wierzbicki - Air Force Major

 Before Wheelchairs for Warriors came along, many of our recipients were distraught  depressed and feeling isolated. Many were unable to get around their own homes, maneuver the great outdoors, go to the parks or beaches with their wives and families, or play an adaptive sport. The burden was also shared by their caretakers having to assist them with their heavy, bulky, inadequate wheelchairs. Thanks to our supporters and charitable donations, they are able to enjoy more independence and a better quality of life.


We are very grateful to all of our W4W supporters who graciously partner with us to make this mission possible. Our efforts together give veterans and first responders in need a life of mobility they may not otherwise enjoy.