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See For Yourself

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“No man left behind” is the famous ethos of American Soldiers and Marines on the battlefield. Those who serve(d) stand in the gap for us, frequently sacrificing life and limb. We owe it to them to never forget and never leave them behind.

So, what about when they leave the battlefield? Too often they ARE left behind as the machinery of bureaucracy grinds on. The history of our nation is rife with such instances as our wounded heroes are stalled and neglected, sometimes even unto death. Many times, disabled veterans and first responders are assigned substandard mobility equipment that hinders, rather than helps, their ability to function and... LIVE!

Wheelchairs for Warriors provides custom-fit wheelchairs, designed specifically to the individual warrior's physical and lifestyle needs. Our complex seating rehab specialist suffered along-side his veteran-father, who was unable to acquire the proper fitting wheelchair and he shared in the agony his father endured having his legs amputated, eventually deciding the struggle was not worth it. After only a few months in his proper wheelchair, he passed away. This veteran's quality of life was lacking... quality. There are countless stories just like this one. Our warriors deserve better! Wheelchairs for Warriors is on mission to make sure they get just that… better! Won’t you join the mission?

Wheelchairs for Warriors provides custom-fit, complex-rehab mobility solutions to ensure wounded veterans and first responders can rejoin their lives at the highest level possible with custom-fit, complex-rehab, INDEPENDENT mobility and function and ...ROLL STRONG!

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