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U.S. ARMY - Special Forces - Green Beret

Joseph's Story

Joe was hit by a PKM round in the head! Yep. He took a bullet for YOU! The bullet grazed his skull and the bone fragments shattered and hit his brain, causing a TBI (traumatic brain injury), which left him paralyzed on one side of his body, meaning one eye doesn’t work, one arm, one leg...


When Wheelchairs for Warriors met up with Joe and his family in Oakland, California he was lumbering around his home in an institutional wheelchair that weighed about 52 pounds, had one missing footrest and one missing armrest. His power chair was in the corner... dead in the water. And no one at the VA was helping. Imagine the toll this takes on a young man used to being in the middle of “the fight”, a man used to taking care of others, now dependent on them. Imagine the toll this takes on his wife and four kids. Imagine how difficult and exhausting it was for her to push around a 6’3 man in a 52 lb. half-working wheelchair.


But, we fixed it. YOU fixed it. YOUR donations alleviated their dire situation. Now Joe can scoot around anywhere he wants in his new power chair. He can stand himself up straight and get his own coffee out of the cabinets! He can lay himself flat and give himself pressure relief so he doesn’t get pressure sores. Do you think he is grateful? Think his family is grateful? We can tell you they ARE! His wife is especially so since they have four children to raise and now, because of Joe’s new independence, her quality of life has improved as well, and Joe can go on more missions… like to the grocery store, around the block, almost anywhere he wants!

Our 1st Recipient

Joseph's OLD Chair


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