Wheelchairs for Warriors provides custom-fit, complex-rehab mobility solutions to injured veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. Each chair is specially tailored to each recipient's individual needs.

W4W can accommodate any limitations in detail (i.e. sip and puff, chin, head, finger, foot, shoulder, etc.) We have built chairs operated by finger(s), eye(s), mouth, chin, head, or breath.



Crystal Laramore
Executive Director/Founder
Marina Bay Marketing | CEO
Crystal owns a PR Firm that caters to a large portfolio of clients. She also owns several online newspapers including a patriotic newspaper (that is 12 years-old and boasts subscribers in 31 states), a military newspaper,  a local area newspaper, as well as many other companies. Crystal’s love for the military, and those who wear a uniform to protect and serve, comes from a family history steeped in the American tradition of serving our country; a passion that runs deep in her family roots. W​it​h​ this burning desire in her heart to serve, Crystal herself worked for the Department of State in Baghdad, Iraq from 2004-2006. She served as a liaison officer to the Ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, and received a letter of commendation from the DOS. It was this experience that sparked the fire in her to one day found an organization that serves veterans.
Heidi Hansing
Dir. of Partnership Relation
Heidi comes from a long family tradition of patriotic values and military service. She enlisted in the US Army as a 17-year old freshman in college and served simultaneously in the US Reserves and ROTC until her graduation and commissioning.
She graduated with a BA degree in International Affairs, a Specialty in Soviet Politics, and a Minor in Military Science. As an officer, she earned her jump wings at Airborne School before serving the remainder of her active duty service overseas.
Since her separation from military service, Heidi has been a small business owner and investor. She has served as a humanitarian aid director in the south Yucatan, Mexico.
Heidi is fiercely politically independent and served on the executive board of a renowned grassroots organization. She is extremely adept in the legislative process and trained many citizen lobbyists. She owned and operated a firearms dealership, specializing in self and home defense for women. For several years, she was a popular hard-hitting radio personality in Texas politics. She was honored to be elected to serve her community on the City Council of League City, Texas. 
Now politically retired, Heidi remains active in veteran's advocacy and volunteerism, serving those who have served us. She is, above all, a proud Blue Star Mom. 
Paul Morgan
Complex Rehab Seating Specialist
In February 2007, Paul lived in South Carolina and was VP of a large tech company. His diabetic father, veteran of the Army, helicopter pilot during the Korean War, owned an outdoor store and was an avid outdoors-man. One day he trimmed one of his toenails
back too far and infection ensued. Due to improper diagnosis and treatment, by May 2007 his father had gangrene in both feet which led to a double amputee at the age of 70. Six months later, after much therapy, Mr. Morgan could walk using a walker, but needed independent mobility to attend church, go to the grocery or visit computer shows (his hobby), so they turned to the regional VA Hospital for providing a proper-fitting power wheelchair.
THREE YEARS LATER, January 2011, Mr. Morgan finally got the power chair HE WAS FITTED FOR IN 2008! Through the pain they found laughter. Though Mr. Morgan had no feet, his feet would itch. Paul bought him foot cream for Christmas as a joke, which brought them many laughs. 
But the laughter didn’t last long. February 14, 2011 he was taken to the doctor assuming a kidney stone. Instead, they discovered the nerve medication the VA prescribed destroyed his kidneys and he was in complete renal failure. He made the painful decision to not take dialysis. The family took him home and he passed away four days later.
Paul called the VA to request pickup of his father's new wheelchair that took 3 years to receive, to which they said, “We don’t pick up used equipment.” Through a local charity, Paul found a woman who needed a chair and delivered it to her. This woman was beyond surprised and grateful.
This experience guided Paul's career path, directing him to use his engineering expertise to serve those like his father, not getting what they need, when they need it. 
Today Paul's life has come full circle. He gets to help veterans and first responders. This is truly his calling and he is forever grateful to give back to men and women like his father who unselfishly served their country.
Paul's expertise designing huge network infrastructures and high-end, complex-rehab equipment is being used to fulfill his calling in engineering wheelchairs for warriors. 


Susan Giacona - President
Whether performing live at Texas congressional events, or working alongside some of the most prolific songwriters in today’s music industry, country artist and multi-genre songwriter, Susan Giacona, former marketing communications manager for HP, is proving to be a multi-talented force in the music business.
A few artists having cut Susan’s songs are The Darrin Morris Band (country), Billy Lord (country rock), Ella Knox (pop), and Canadian artist, Chris Ising (country). Susan also works closely with other writers to create songs for artists of multiple genres as well as music appearing on television and in movies.
When she isn’t creating new music, Susan can be found spending time with her husband and three sons. She donates her time serving on the Board of Directors of Wheelchairs for Warriors. She is an avid traveler, having spent time in Italy, France, and many other European countries.
Cynthia Cedillos - Secretary
Insperity | Operations Specialist
Cynthia Cedillos is an Operations Specialist at Insperity in Kingwood, Texas, where she provides operations support to Business Development group of 38 employees while serving direct administrative support to the Managing Director. She served as a paralegal at the Harris County Attorney’s Office for 11 years while serving as a Yeoman in the United States Naval Reserves (USNR) for 9 years. While serving in the USNR, Cynthia had the privilege to serve Active Duty in Hawaii, San Diego and Washington D.C.  She is currently working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Management at University of Houston – UHD Kingwood.
Ray Cunningham - Treasurer
Bay Area Business Solutions CPA, CEO
Ray has more than 30 years experience in the financial industry. He is an enrolled agent federally licensed to represent clients before the IRS.
Jay E. Mincks - Board Member
Insperity | Executive Vice President
Sales and Marketing
As head of Insperity's growth division, Mr. Mincks is charged with executing ambitious sales goals nationwide to promote a solid corporate brand. He also overseas the production of special events, such as the Insperity ChampionshipTM Golf Tournament presented by UnitedHealthcare®, as well as community involvement initiatives across the country.
Mr. Mincks joined Insperity in 1990 as a district sales manager. His early success led to numerous promotions, until elected to his current position in early 1999. As a result of his leadership, Insperity has experienced tremendous growth, with company revenues increasing dramatically from $300 million to more than $2 billion. In 1993, Mr. Mincks led the opening of the first office outside of Houston and the expansion to 56 offices in 25 major markets throughout the United States. In addition, Mr. Mincks serves as chairman of the Greater Houston Golf Charities and vice president of Somebody Cares America. He holds a business degree from the University of Houston. 
Nate Olsen - Board Member/Compliance
Insperity | Managing Director
Business Development
Nate Olsen was born in California, but got to Texas as quick as he could! He is a political news junkie, voracious reader and family man. He enjoys dragging his two young daughters into the great outdoors, believes backyard grillin' is a true art-form (ask him for a bite of his Texas style BBQ!) and questions the intelligence of his wife for sticking with him for more than 25 years.
During the day, Nate is Managing Director of Business Development at Insperity (NYSE: NSP). With over twenty years experience in the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry, Nate provides leadership, guidance and alignment of Insperity’s business development functions across America.
Nate earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks and a Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University in California.
Doc Greene - Board Member
Radio Personality
Doc Greene has been a fixture for years on Houston radio on KSEV 700 AM, KPRC 950 AM and 92.1 News FM and multiple appearances on TV including Fox 26 in Houston. Doc Greene is the quintessential music man, conservative activist, and a thought-leader on issues facing America and the state of Texas.
Doc was raised on a cattle ranch in Wyoming. He worked on cattle drives every year, has been known to break a few politicians during his broadcast career, and his goal is to give power back to “We the people.”
Today Doc is a Veteran USAF 1971-1975, entrepreneur, amateur pilot, expert sound professional, and professional musician. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, JoAnne, for 46 years and has 4 children and 10 grandchildren. He is on the air today fighting for liberty that affects our families on a national platform via American Voice Radio Network, Raging Elephants Radio, his own YouTube Channel and various social medias.
LTC Allen West (Ret.)
Honorary Board Member
West is an avid distance runner, a Master SCUBA diver, a motorcyclist, and in his spare time he enjoys cheering on his beloved Tennessee Volunteers. Lt. Col. West is a legacy life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, life members of the American Legion, life member of the Association of the United States Army and the Society of the First Infantry Division, Patriot Life Member (Benefactor) and Member (Benefactor) and Board of Directors member of the National Rifle Association. Lieutenant Colonel West is an inductee into the University of Tennessee Army ROTC Hall of Fame.
He is on the Board of Advisors of Amegy Bank, Dallas Region. In 2016, Lt. Col. West was appointed by Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission. He is married to Dr. Angela Graham-West, a financial adviser, and they have two daughters, Aubrey, who graduated with her Masters from Southern Methodist University, and is a Board-certified Physician Assistant, and youngest daughter, Austen, who recently received her Bachelor’s Degree, and is an airline attendant.
Dan Pastorini - Honorary Board Member
DP Quality Foods, Inc. | CEO
Dante "Dan" Pastorini is a former American football quarterback in the National Football League for the Houston Oilers, Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, and the Philadelphia Eagles. He is also a winning NHRA Top Fuel Dragster driver. 
While most folks are most familiar with Dan’s accomplishments on the football field and in the race car arena, most do not know of his passion for helping children in need. 
Dan Pastorini Charity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to raise funds for and awareness of several charities close to Dan’s heart. Dan Pastorini Charity has benefited several organizations, but focused most of their attention on Be An Angel.
Having grown up in California, Pastorini says, “I’m very proud to have become a true, naturalized Texan after spending all my adult life in Houston and learning it is a ‘Texas Thing’ to give back and help people.”
Pastorini is a big supporter of the Be An Angel network, a non-profit that enhances the quality of life for profoundly deaf and multi-handicapped kids, and has been the main recipient of the annual Dan Pastorini Celebrity Chairty olf Invitational. Pastorini also loves and volunteers his time to veteran causes..
“Without the support from our friends, we would not be able to support the causes we do today,” Pastorini notes. “It’s heartwarming to see how everyone steps up to support such wonderful organizations and we are excited to continue that ‘Texas Thing’.”
Charlie Melton - Honorary Board Member
Charlie Melton was born and raised in Macon, Georgia. He joined the U.S. Navy at the age of 19. He completed the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL course Class 176 and checked into his very first SEAL Team, (SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team-2) where he underwent 3 deployments, and eventually served as a SEAL Delivery Vehicle Instructor. Shortly after receiving orders to SEAL team 5, Charlie and his wife were involved in a tragic car accident where his wife was killed, and he was badly injured. Due to his injuries, he was offered medical retirement and was told he wouldn’t be able to perform duties as a SEAL ever again. But, despite the upsets and challenges, he never lost courage and hope. *Charlie trained the now infamous Navy Seals Chris Kyle and also Marcus Lutrell.
Jason Tabanksy - Board Member & Wheelchair Recipient
U.S. Army - Staff Sergeant
My name is Jason Tabansky. I retired as a Staff Sergeant after 15-1/2 years of active service in the U.S. Army. I served as a Chinook helicopter mechanic, crewmember and flight crew instructor. Born and raised in Brownsville, TX, after high school, I attended basic training in August of 2001... then our country was attacked on September 11th. I knew then my life was about to change. Proud to have joined the military, I was ready to do my part to defend my country.


Through my career, I served two tours in Afghanistan (2002-2003, 2012-2013) and one tour in Iraq (2005-2006). I was stationed at Hunter Army Airfield, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Hood, Ft. Rucker and also completed a two-year tour in South Korea and a 4-year tour in Germany. I was blessed to be a leader to many Soldiers and received various awards and decorations. Of these, I am most proud of my Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, Senior Crew Member Badge and the prestigious Order of Saint Michael.
In September of 2015, at the age of 32, I suffered a career ending and life changing spinal cord injury. I became an incomplete tetraplegic and have been wheelchair bound since then. Although I lost my ability to walk, I never lost my ability and desire to live life to the fullest. I am now a full-time athlete and compete in para-archery as part of the national team. I have dreams of becoming a Paralympic athlete and I know I can accomplish it if I put my mind and hard work ethic towards it. I also continue to serve in my community as an adaptive archery coach to kids with disabilities as well as adults, both veterans and civilians. My desires to serve and help have brought me to work with Wheelchairs for Warriors, where I serve as a board member. I am extremely thankful for an organization like this and the work they do helps so many of our veterans in need of a specialized wheelchair. I am happy to be onboard with them and know that great things are going to happen in the future!
Lonnie Trevino - Board Member
U.S. Marine & Owner of Horizontal Solutions
Born in Santa Ana, CA
Raised in Victoria, TX
⁃ Joined the USMC out of HS in May 1989.  He served until May 1993. 
⁃ MOS -0311
⁃ 1st duty station was Marine Barracks 8th and I, Wash, DC
⁃ Was selected as a member of the silent drill team in ‘90 and served as a White House cleated Marine
⁃ Deployed to Desert Storm with 2nd Marines from 12/90 - 4/91
⁃ After Desert storm was selected to remain at 8th and I as a ceremonial drill school instructor 
⁃ After his service began a successful career in the oil and gas industry
⁃ Today he is owner of Horizontal Solutions an equipment rental and service company based in Midland, TX. 
Orlando Sanchez - Honorary Board Member
Orlando Sanchez was elected Harris County Treasurer in November of 2006, the first immigrant to be chosen county-wide by the voters for a non-judicial office. He served in that office until December 2016, overseeing Harris County’s multiple bank accounts, paying the county’s expenses and serving as an independent set of eyes in overseeing spending of county taxpayer dollars.

Sanchez came to Houston in 1962 when his father was hired by former Harris County Judge Roy Hofheinz to be one of two Spanish announcers for the Colt 45s Baseball Club and then the Houston Astros. Sanchez grew up in southwest Houston and graduated from Bellaire High School before joining the U.S. Air Force in 1976. After his tour he enlisted in the 147th Fighter Interceptor Group of the Texas Air National Guard at the then-named Ellington Field.

He graduated cum laude from the University of Houston with a degree in political science and embarked on a career as a public servant, first as a three-term Houston City Council member and then as Harris County Treasurer. Orlando was named the University of Houston’s College of Social Sciences Distinguished Alumnus. Orlando also sat on the Harris County Bail Bonds Board, is a member of the Board of Directors of Capital Bank, a life member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the 100 Club of Houston and is a current advisory member of Volunteer Interfaith Caregivers-Southwest (VIC-SW), an organization that provides free one-on-one assistance to the frail and elderly in southwest Houston through a network of volunteers who provide services. He is a member of the University of Houston Foundation Board of Directors and is a former advisory member of the University of Houston Law School Foundation. In addition, he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is a Fellow of the British–American Project.

In 1995 Orlando was elected to serve as a member of the Houston City Council. He was the first Latino immigrant elected to a city-wide position in Houston. He served three terms and helped his colleagues pass the first property tax cut in decades. Orlando also chaired the city’s International Trade Committee, the Legislative Affairs Committee and chaired the Cellular Tower Working Committee.

He has served on the Texas Attorney General’s Municipal Advisory Committee and was appointed to the U.S. Senate Task Force on Hispanic Affairs.

Orlando is married to Julye Vanessa Croix-Sanchez a television reporter/anchor for a CBS affiliate in Texas.

His daughter Aubrie M. Sanchez is a 2010 graduate with an IB from the Awty International School in Houston. She earned a BA in Anthropology from Boston University in 2014, a Master of Public Health from Northeastern University in 2017, a Master of Science in Forensic Anthropology from Boston University School Of Medicine in 2019, and is currently a candidate for a PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences through the Bio Mechanics Research Center at the Wexner Medical Center on the campus of The Ohio State University.

Wheelchairs for Warriors provides custom wheelchairs to injured veterans and first responders that are engineered to each recipient's individual needs and capabilities, allowing for mobility and independence at the highest level possible.


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