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You have the power to change the life of a warrior in need.

Thank you for your consideration to help us provide custom-fit, complex-rehab mobility solutions for veterans.

 Your tax deductible gift is much needed and certainly appreciated!

One Time & Recurring




Touch 22






In Honor or


Receive a FREE Pew Pew Tag When You Sign Up for Our Touch-22 Program!!

Touch a life by donating just $22 per month and these amazing chamber safety tags will be yours for FREE!


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaigns

TOGETHER, we can make a difference! Click on the link below for information about how YOU and your organization can raise money on behalf of Wheelchairs for Warriors, and let's #rollstrongtogether!

Have a Wheelchair to Donate?

Thank you so much for supporting the mission of Wheelchairs for Warriors! If you would like to donate a physical wheelchair we MUST have the serial number first! If at all possible, PLEASE do not call… email is the best way for us to keep track of who needs what, where, when and how! Also, tell us where the chair is located and send us a photo of that bad boy. We get a lot of phone calls daily and we just cannot move forward without a serial number, a photograph of wheelchair and address where wheelchair is located! 

Our main mission is to provide CUSTOM mobility options to veterans and first responders. However, sometimes a used chair will work for a warrior who is waiting in the wings. It is actually rare, but it does happen. This is where the serial number plays a huge part… Our complex seating rehab specialist will look up the serial number and let someone on our team know if it is something WFW can use and will email you ASAP with a decision one way or the other!


Here are some rule-of-thumb thoughts for you to consider:

We only accept power chair donations. No manual chairs. Having said that, you must be in the position to secure the wheelchair to a pallet and wrap it in Saran Wrap.


Shipping is tax deductible if you choose to handle that. If the batteries are dead and the chair is over 5 years old, WFW will not be able to accept it. 


If you do not require a donation form for your taxes, we work with a company who most likely will take your chair off of your hands. Just make sure you email us the serial number! If you do require a donation form and we cannot accept your gift, you can try your local VFW, American Legion or DAV (Disabled American Veterans).


Again, thank you so much for your generous offer and remember… EMAIL that serial number, photograph and address!

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