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United States Air Force Senior Airman

T. J.'s Story

On November 29, 2012, TJ Williams, a senior airman in the USAF, was on duty patrolling a nuclear weapons silo in Montana. While on a security patrol, the Humvee he was in wrecked and rolled over, injuring him so severely he was left a quadriplegic. He suffered a C4-C6 vertebrae fracture, was in a medically induced coma so doctors could repair his neck, and put on a ventilator to control his breathing. 


When he awoke from his medically induced coma, he was initially told he’d never come off the ventilator and would be paralyzed from the neck down forever. He will never forget the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual pain that came with that news. But, TJ persevered and moved away from family and home to live in San Antonio with his wife Hope to access round-the-clock medical care. As a quadriplegic, TJ now has medical staff in-and-out of his house to help with daily tasks that we all take for granted. There is no more “doing it himself.” 


W4W has customized a lightweight travel chair with a smart drive system that will support TJ’s specific paralysis and needs. This chair will enable TJ to travel with his family by air to go on vacation or to visit his hometown. 


Through all of his pain and suffering, TJ has learned to celebrate life and, along with Christ, has been able to build endurance for his soul. He now realizes the significance community has in his life and he’s grateful for God’s mercy, “Being a quadriplegic these seven years and being more in tune spiritually,” said TJ, “I’ve learned to face my negative emotions quickly or my mind will go down a dark path that results in nothing but sorrow. If I allow myself to think this way, it discredits all the blessings God has given me through my decisions, both obedient and disobedient. Ultimately, all these forks in the road led me to the two most important blessings in my life, my wife Hope and son Hudson. I get to live out God’s amazing grace each day I wake up and get to spend time with them. 

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