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U.S. Army   Vietnam Veteran   Military Policeman

Willie's Story

“Neighbors in Willie Williams’ community of Cleveland may see him out and about a lot more in the coming days because he received a new motorized wheelchair,” said an article in Bluebonnet News. 


Willie Williams, a Vietnam veteran, suffers from nerve damage and other ailments related to his exposure to Agent Orange when he was just 21-years-old. His condition has been further complicated by diabetes and the amputation of his right leg. Williams served two years in the U.S. Army, stationed in Cam Ranh Bay and Phan Rang on the southeastern coast of Vietnam. Serving as a military policeman with the 54th Transportation Battalion, Williams’ job was guarding convoys that delivered supplies in support of the war. On one occasion, he helped guard General William Westmoreland during a visit to Vietnam. After the war, he and his wife, Anne, went on to raise three sons, who have given them six grandchildren. Williams worked for 19 years as a welder until health problems forced him to retire. For years, he tried to get around his property on his old motorized wheelchair that had bald tires and was patched together with duct tape. Williams said the electronic controls often failed when they got damp.


“My old wheelchair would get stuck in grass that was wet from dew. This thing had no traction. Now I can go in my backyard and I have the liberty of going fishing,” said Williams, smiling at the thought. 


The new motorized wheelchair, with an estimated value of $10,000, was presented to Williams January 30, 2020. Presenting the wheelchair were Crystal Laramore and Heidi Hansing, co-founders of Wheelchairs for Warriors, and Paul Morgan, complex-rehab, custom-seating specialist and engineer for the non-profit. 


“Veterans like Williams wrote a blank check for Americans when they risked their lives in the military,” said Laramore, “So Americans should be writing a blank check back to the veterans.”


Wheelchairs for Warriors worked in tandem with Cajun Mobility out of Louisiana to build Willie the perfect wheelchair for his lifestyle; a Cajun Commando! Willie lives on land, works his land and loves his land. He loves to be outdoors, he even loves iced tea! Now he can roam his property, iced tea in the cup holder, and enjoy what the Lord has created! As it should be.

Willie's Old Clunky Chair

Willie's New All-Terrain Chair

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